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e.mail: contact@thedressupplace.com.au

telephone:  03-5222-5885     

Mobile:        04-3355-3684

web: www.thedressupplace.com.au


Thu - Fri     11:00 - 4:30

Sat             10:00 - 3:00

141B Marshalltown Rd, Grovedale

The Dress Up Place is a not-for-profit organization set up to foster costuming for theatre productions, concerts and fancy dress.

•	Aims to train interested people in theatre, period and fancy dress costumes specializing in –
I.	Design of costumes
II.	Making of costumes (i.e. cutting and sewing)
III.	Recognising different eras and styles
IV.	Improvisation with those costumes which are available.

•	To make available at minimal cost, a wide range of costumes for local schools and theatre companies’ concerts and productions
•	To service a need within the general public, service organisations and businesses for themed costume parties, functions and heritage events.

We are staffed entirely by volunteers. Our founding members have a long background in making costumes mainly for amateur theatrical productions. Over the years they have amassed large numbers of outfits and these formed the basis of our collection. Since then, we have added significantly in the more popular lines.

If you have dress up costumes or clothes from earlier years cluttering up your wardrobe, we would be happy to receive them as donations.  Any which we are unable to use, we forward to drama and/or other community groups.

We are always looking for volunteers. Our volunteers cover a range of skill areas such as customer service, costume maintenance (washing, ironing, mending), computer skills, and dressmaking. You can set your own hours and work patterns (within reason), and some of our volunteers work at home.